Chi-Town Transit Authority (CTA) is an 8-piece Chicago tribute band founded in 2017 and based out of Atlanta, Ga dedicated to reproducing the “Chicago” concert experience. The key to their success has been knitting together a highly accomplished team of long-time musicians who truly love the music of Chicago. With this foundation, they then pay close attention to detail in recreating the best of Chicago’s songs from studio and live versions and then design a show that first captures the audience, then gets them involved and finally brings down the house.  It's easy to do because the band is having as much fun as the audience is.

The band certainly doesn't lack for large selection of instantly recognizable songs. They are able to choose from the steady stream of Chicago hits starting in the late ‘60s.  This allows the band ample opportunity to spotlight each of the three main vocalists as well as showcase a tight horn section and beautifully arranged vocal harmonies. They have honed their craft by playing over 90 shows at casinos, festivals, performing arts theaters, music venues all around the Southeastern US. See a show and you will know why Beat Atlanta Magazine calls them “The best tribute band out there”.


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