Sun Dogs - The Premier Rush Tribute

In the wake of Rush's final tour, Sun Dogs formed with the goal of reproducing the sounds of rock's finest Canadian trio. Mark Schenker of multi-platinum selling recording and touring artist KIX takes on many roles, including bass, lead vocals, keyboards and bass pedals. Andy Rabin handles the guitars and bass pedals, and even chimes in with some backing vocals. On drums and all things that can be hit with a drum stick, from drum triggers to a MalletKAT, is Vince Tricarico.


“The biggest challenge for the band, aside from the complexity of the music itself, is creating all that sound with only three people.” Vince says, “But that's a big part of what makes it fun for us and for our fans.” Vince has big shoes to fill and does so with both aplomb and a massive drum kit. “Sometimes I think the drum kit is the fourth member of the band,” adds Andy. The band plays songs from every era of Rush's career. “We love it all,” Mark says. “We're huge Rush fans just like everyone who comes out to see us play.”

Catch the band when they visit your area and experience nearly 40 years of Rush's great music with Sun Dogs!

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