Paul's Bio

Paul Dreifuss began his journey in the music business in 1970 when he spent a summer working at Premier Talent in NYC. He then was hired by Associated Booking Corp (ABC) as booking agent. Besides being a booking agent, he has managed Twisted Sister,  Godspeed and The Amazing Kreskin as well as working with the Ramones, Billy Idol, Robert Gordon, Cindy Lauper and Modern English among many Artists in the 70’s and 80’s. During those years, Paul served as an agent, stage and tour manager.

Throughout the 90’s Paul continued to stay active in the business, booking a broad range of performers with a focus on the Latin Market, booking headliners Celia Cruz and Gilberto Santa Rosa in theaters and PACs. Paul joins Ultra Artists with eyes wide open ready to help Ultra Artists expand their reach into theaters and PACs on the East Coast and Mid-West.


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